Thanksgiving Activities!

Ahh Thanksgiving - one of my personal favorite holidays: filled with family, yummy food, laughter, and the “unofficial” kick-off to the holiday season. Although if you ask Kate and Gabby, my official kick-off to the holidays is November 1st. 

As much as I enjoyed Thanksgiving as a kid, I always remember my sister and I finishing our plates and being forced to stay seated at the table while everyone else enjoyed their meals. So, we would sit at the table and tinker with everyone’s napkin rings, the ribbon from the centerpiece and table cards to craft a new creation for our dollie - one year we made flower crowns out of the centerpieces! 

If you are looking to keep your kiddos entertained at the dining room table this Thanksgiving - we have the PERFECT solution! Our kit & sis Single Craft Kits make for the perfect activity at the table! 

  1. They are mess free - no paint stains on the linen! 
  2. Includes all of the materials and instructions!
  3. They’ll look Oh-So Chic on the table
  4. Once you're done crafting - it's time to play! 

We recommend our Frosted cookies craft pack, as they make for a fabulous transition into the holiday months too! So what are you waiting for, it's time to get crafty and entertain the kiddos at the Thanksgiving table! Order yours here!

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