"The Virtual Summer Camp was/is a great way to participate in a fun, unique crafting experience within the comfort of your own home! Kit and Sis is truly a brand that offers an outlet of creativity, an engaging crafting experience, fun memories to look back on, and hours of exciting playtime."

Ellen W. 


"Virtual Summer Camp was SO much fun! All of the crafts was very well thought out and provided creativity. I loved how campers had freedom to make multiple crafts truly theirs by adding their own personal touch! Plus, the girls were really understanding and really wanted to help any of the campers who had problems or just need a little extra help."

Ankita P.


“kit & sis did an *incredible* job with my 9-year old daughter's Zoom bday party. They put together and delivered craft kits that had different activities that were perfect - the girls were able to do them independently but had a blast chatting and seeing each other on the Zoom. The party got rave reviews and my daughter felt so special. kit & sis were awesome about communication and really thought of every detail. They get my highest recommendation!”

Julia A.

“My daughter and her friends had the best time celebrating her 8th bday with kit & sis! The crafts were fun and easy enough to follow along with and my daughter loved playing with the crafts with her doll after. Maddie and Gabby were awesome during the party and kept the girls super engaged. They were also so professional during the planning portion - very responsive and accommodating to our party needs. They even helped me get two craft kits to my nieces in Taiwan so they could join from overseas! Would definitely recommend to all of my friends!”

Cindy K.

“Your camp is amazing - Ella is having so much fun with you. You are a very creative trio! :-) It is so inspiring for young girls to see you running a business like this and seeing female entrepreneurs in action. “

Angela C.

"I can’t say enough good things about kit & sis. They’re an impressive group of young women that deliver great experiences for kids and families. I highly recommend both their summer camps and their private party planning. Both offer a ton of creative fun!"

Jeff R. 

“What an amazing summer camp! Thank you SO much!! My daughters absolutely loved your camp! The crafts were so clever and cute! As a teacher, I was also super impressed by how you organized the boxes and how age-appropriate the crafts were. You introduced some fun challenges, like sewing, but perfectly scaffolded them so that every child could be successful. We can’t wait to sign up for another event!”

Ginna P.

"A real blessing to be able to give your daughter this sweet memory to celebrate some of the best things of childhood and creativity. Set in a beautiful and serene location away from the bustle of Silicon Valley, your daughter can find a gentle and kind place to just be her with her dolls and like minded girls. I Love that there was a good age range of girls, as my daughter is older and still loves dolls, but is getting to the age where some kids are enraptured with technology and missing the beauty and calmness of nurturing imaginary play. I wholeheartedly recommend this company and encourage parents to give their child this gift of a sweet and innocent experience. It will do wonders for their spirit. We can't wait to come back and am so encouraged that lovely places like this exist. Bravo and thank you."

Keturah H

“My daughter was nervous before going to camp but after the first day she couldn’t wait to go back! She had the best time and said how nice all the girls were. Loved how cute and creative all the arts and crafts were. We can’t wait to come back and do another camp! Thank you kit & sis!”

Nicole G. 

“I can't recommend kit & sis highly enough!  We learned about the camp from Silicon Valley Toddler, who gave it high marks, so our expectations were pretty high from the start.  I can happily say we were blown away (in a good way), even despite that!  The women who run kit & sis are responsive, communicative and organized which made this mama's job easy.   My daughters had an absolute blast and have told me they wish EVERY day was "doll camp day".  I was impressed by the number of crafts they did each day, as well as the quality of and the thought behind the activities.  I can't believe how much they fit into the few hours my kids were there!   More importantly to me, my super-shy kids told me they were able to make new friends and felt included at all times.  Well done, kit & sis, you'll be seeing a lot more of us!”