About Us


Hey Doll!  Our names are, Madeline, Gabrielle, and Kate, and we are the founders of Kit & Sis (you may even know us as AG Sisters). We are childhood best friends who grew up loving, playing, and creating with our dolls. From road trips to any shopping spree, our dolls were always by our side! They were the largest part of our childhood that fueled our happiness, imagination, and creativity.   Although we loved buying all the new gadgets and outfits for our dolls, our moms always encouraged us to recreate them ourselves. We loved getting crafty and learning new ways to craft these items from home!  As we grew older we wanted to share the childhood magic of crafting and creating with your doll with other young girls! Our childhood passion inspired us to create our dream summer camp: one full of dolls, creativity, and imagination! In 2013, we founded the AG Sisters and hosted our first summer camp! Over the years, our business has grown to offer birthday parties, quarterly craft events, annual summer camps, virtual camps, and subscription craft kits too!  After 7 years of being the AG Sisters - we revamped our name to fully encapsulate our brand, introducing kit & sis. As we continue to grow kit & sis, we are committed to staying true to our childhood passion and sharing the magic of dolls, crafting, and creativity! Every event, product, and craft we design is one that the little girl in us would have dreamed of! Most of all, we hope to continue to inspire young girls to embrace their imagination and creativity!  Let's get crafting!  xo,  kit & sis  Madeline, Gabrielle & Kate