Three Dolls + A Dream

Gabrielle, Kate, and Madeleine as children

Picture this: a room of rambunctious preschoolers, one crying, the other clenched to her mom’s leg, and the third cradling her American Girl Doll. Little did these three girls know they would become life-long best friends and business partners, all thanks to the doll cradled in Kate’s arms. The twins, grasping their own American Girl Dolls, locked eyes with Kate and her dollie. Instantly, the trio connected over our dollies and their matching hair-bows. 

From our very first time meeting each other, to every play date that followed our dollies always came along! We immediately became inseparable best friends! When we played together, we entered into our own little world with just the 3 of us and our dollies! A world full of imagination, laughter, and playtime! The three of us would get lost in our hours of make-believe play and fun! We’d plan birthday parties for our dolls, have baking days, and even created a girl scout troop for our dolls. Our American Girl Dolls joined us on every sleepover, roadtrip, plane trip, and annual shopping trips to San Francisco. 

Our dollies sparked our imagination and creativity as we were transported to these magical, imaginary worlds with our dollies! Next to playing with our dolls, there was nothing we loved more than huddling around the newest American Girl Doll magazine with our glitter-infused pens, circling all of the new accessories, outfits, and furniture we wanted! 

As our passion for our dollies grew, so did the collection of circled magazines and our shopping wishlists. Annoyed at the outrageous prices for a miniature bed and doll sized clothing, our moms challenged us to recreate them ourselves. If we couldn’t - then they’d reconsider adding the items to their shopping cart!

We were up for the challenge and began crafting doll sized food, doll furniture and sewing clothing and bedding for our dolls. We were hooked! Our playdates now revolved around showing each other the newest item we made for our dollie and tinkering with craft supplies to make even more accessories and gadgets! Pretty soon we were only glancing at the newest American Girl Doll catalogue for inspiration!  

As we grew older we wanted to share the childhood magic of crafting and creating with your doll with other young girls! Our childhood passion inspired us to create our dream summer camp: one full of dolls, creativity, and imagination! In 2013, we hosted our first summer camp and the AG Sisters was born! Over the years AG Sisters has grown to offer birthday parties, quarterly craft events, annual summer camps, virtual camps, and subscription craft kits too! Since 2015 we have dreamt of launching our own subscription craft kits. After hosting our virtual summer camp in 2020 we decided to finally bring our vision to life! In October 2020 we launched the first series of our Hey, Doll! Craft Kits. 

As AG Sisters continues to grow we are committed to staying true to our childhood passion and sharing the magic of dolls, crafting, and creativity! Every event, product, and craft we design is one that the little girl in us would have dreamed of! Most of all, we hope to continue to inspire young girls to embrace their imagination and creativity!

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