5 (More) Ways Kit & Sis™ Craft Boxes Benefit your Child

5 benefits of kit & sis craft boxes note with fun easy crafts

5 (MORE) Ways our Craft Boxes are made to Benefit your Child

Your kit & sis™ craft box is more than just fun and creative crafts! It provides serious benefits to your child’s well being and development. We fill our craft boxes with activities we know your child will love and benefit from!

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1. They practice reading: When they open our craft guide booklet, your child will find that all of the instructions inside are simple to understand and follow. Reading instructions means that your child has to process and apply the information they’re reading and provides a richer educational experience. 

2. They learn that making mistakes is part of the journey: Even though there’s no “wrong” way to craft, it might take your child more than one try to get their creation exactly how they want it to be. Our craft boxes allow them to practice problem solving on their own and learn that making mistakes can be a good thing.

3. They get to express themselves and embrace their uniqueness: No two finished crafts will look the same, and our boxes teach your child to value the unique skills and talents they have to offer. Our crafts have plenty of opportunities for personalization because we know that part of crafting is giving things your own special touch! They can feel proud of what they create while also supporting the creations of friends at one of our live events.

4. They work on patience: It can be hard (even for us as adults) to be patient and let the process take its course, but all that time spent crafting makes the final product so much more rewarding! There are a variety of crafts in our subscription boxes all with different assembly times, and working through them with care adds value to what they create.

5. They learn to appreciate their crafting creations: In a world of more, more, more stuff, know that when you purchase a kit & sis™ craft box, it’s more than just the initial crafting experience. Your child can reuse their craft for endless dollie playtime and explore their imagination along the way.

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