5 Benefits of Childhood Crafting

text: the 5 benefits of crafting

As life-long crafters, kit & sis™ can promise that the benefits of crafting are beyond the product you make. After 7 years of hosting crafting events and working with over 600 crafters, we have not only experienced but seen the benefits that crafting has instilled in our campers!

Encourages Creativity + Imagination:

Tinkering with craft materials allows children to bring their imagination to life! As they play around with different textures, glues, and craft elements they are able to visually and physically experience how they can combine objects into something new. Crafting is truly a domino effect. Once our campers see how they can make a doll plate out of a mason jar lid, their minds are immediately opened! They begin to look at everyday object and trinket differently and see them as fuel for their creations! 

Fosters Independence: 

While crafting, children experience how they can create something with their own hands. We have seen the pride and sense of accomplishment our crafts instill in our campers as they complete their crafts. They are always so amazed that they were able to create something on their own! The independence they achieve through crafting strengthens their self-confidence.  

Strengthens Motor Skills:

Molding clay, sewing fabric, and paper macheing wooden plates teaches and develops hands-on skills that children are lacking from our technology focused world. Our Campers develop skills from the “lost-arts” of this generation (sewing, gluing, scrapbooking, crafting…)

Creates Responsibility

Most importantly, our campers are proud of the “final products” they create for their doll and use extra care when playing with them! They recognize the time they spend creating their crafts and thus see these “final products” as extra special and valuable. 

Provides Wholesome Fun 

Most of all, crafting provides a wholesome and carefree experience for young children and their dolls; one where they can connect with their doll and imagination! From crafting with their dollie, to hours of play afterwards our crafts create an imaginative, playful, and creative experience for children! 

The benefits of childhood crafting are endless, so start today with one of Dollie & Me Craft Kits HERE!


Hear from our clients:

When I found kit & sis™, I found a way for my daughter to use her imagination, feel like she was part of creating something special for her dolls. She finds these creations more special and valuable than anything we could buy at the store. The tutorials also inspire her own imagination!”

“The kit & sis™ crafts gives my daughter something fun to do and builds independence and self-confidence by completing kit & sis™ crafts and participating in events. It’s wholesome fun and something I experienced from my childhood to share with her. “

Julee P. 

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