Dollie & Me Summer Bucket List

School’s out for summer! Now it is time for a summer full of fun with your doll! kit & sis™ has plenty of ideas to keep you and your doll entertained with our Dollie & Me Summer Bucket List!  

  • Host a bake sale with your doll
  • Time to get in the kitchen and bake mini cookies and cupcakes with your doll. Some of our favorites include fairy popcorn, chocolate covered mini marshmallows, and mini sugar cookies!

  • Write a collection of books for your doll
  • Gather your markers and paper and create a collection of miniature story books for your doll! Take a piece of printer paper and fold it in fourths. Using your markers, decorate the outside pages and write your story in the interior pages!

  • Plan a sleepover with your doll
  • Set up your sleeping bag and make a sleeping bag for your doll too! Fold a hand towel in half to create the sleeping bag for your doll. Tag a pair of socks and stuff one sock into the other, to create a pillow for your doll. Voila! You are all ready for your dollie + me sleepover! 

  • Make matching necklaces for you and your doll
  • Take a trip to the craft store and pick out some matching beads and elastic. Using your materials create matching necklaces for you and your doll! 

  • Treat your doll to a picnic
  • Pack a picnic lunch for you and your doll! Make a PB + J sandwich to create a bite-size sandwich for you and a sandwich for you doll too! For a sweet treat, dip a marshmallow in chocolate and sprinkles. Make a mini verizon for your doll by dipping in mini marshmallows in chocolate and sprinkles too! 

    Lay a blanket outside, gather your doll, and your boxed lunch for a lovely picnic outside! 

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