Introducing kit & sis™

Madeleine, Kate , and Gabrielle

Kate, Madeline + Gabrielle here! 

You may have noticed some changes to AG Sisters… for our longtime customers and campers, you know the three of us as the AG Sisters. When we started our business in 2013, we fell in love with the name AG Sisters. It represented our sister-like friendship and our love of American Girl Doll crafting. However as our business has grown and evolved over the past 8 years, we realized that our name and business represents more than just our love of American Girl Doll Crafting. 

We originally founded AG Sisters in 2013 because we wanted to share our passion and love of doll crafting and creativity with young girls. We wanted to inspire young girls to explore their creativity and imagination through hands-on crafting. As we have grown, we watched how our crafts impact our campers’ and have reflected on the impact crafting has had on our own lives. Our mission is not only to inspire young girls to explore their creativity, but to inspire and empower them to harness their creativity and fulfill their dreams! All you truly need is your imagination, creativity, and hands-on skills! 

In the past year, our dreams for our business have grown BIG (think store fronts, clothing lines, and so much Dollie fun!). kit & sis™ will grow with us as we harness our creativity and bring our entrepreneurial dreams to life! 

Why kit & sis™?

kit & sis™ represents our lifelong friendship, our journey growing our business, our campers, and dollies! Since we were four years old, Gabby and I have always called Kate “Kit”. Growing up as twin sisters, Gabby and I have always called each other “Sis”. “Sis” stands for the twin’s nickname for each other, the sister-like bond the three of us share, and the relationship we and all of our campers have with their dollie. Growing up, our dollies were our greatest source of inspiration, the spark of our imagination & creativity, and our playful friend - like a sister is! 

Don’t worry, kit & sis™ will continue to deliver playful, creative, imaginative, and dollie magic! Our love of dollie & me crafting is only growing more and more! 

Welcome to the newly named, forever crafty and dollie centered kit & sis™. 


kit & sis™

Kate, Madeline & Gabrielle

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