DIY Balloon Arch

For our collaboration Dollie & Me Tea Party with the Westin St. Francis Hotel, we wanted to create a whimsical setting that would transport our guests to a winter wonderland full of gumdrops, sugarplum fairies, and magical creativity!  

We envisioned one of the most important focal points to be a balloon wreath that our guests could pose with their dollies and BFF’s in. Of course being the creative ladies we are, we were confident we could find a way to make one on our own. Much to our surprise, it was so much easier than we had imagined and so much fun! And the best part is all of the elements, besides the balloons, can be reused!

Here is everything you’ll need:

  1. Balloon Inflator, this is a lifesaver! Trust me you will not want to blow up 200 balloons. It makes the entire process so much faster too! We blew up all 200 balloons in under 15 minutes!
  2. Balloon Tie Tool. How did we go our whole lives without knowing this existed? Once you get the hang of it, it will make a world of difference!
  3. Balloon Frame. This is essential! The frame is sturdy, so easy to build and comes with all of the hooks, string, and balloon tape you’ll need!
  4. Balloons! Why of course! We used about 200 balloons and the arch lasted 2 days!

The Steps:

  1. Build the frame. Before you attach the last piece of the frame, make sure to slide on 50 of the plastic rings. These are what you will use to attach the balloons.
  2. Using your balloon inflator and balloon tie tool, blow up all of your balloons! We suggest varying the sizes between small, medium, & large.
  3. Starting at the bottom of the frame, attach 4 balloons to the ring by sliding each balloon within the notches.
We recommend using each different size balloon in one ring.
If you need assistance, watch this video!
4. As you finish each ring, scrunch the balloons together to make really tight bunches.
5. Once completed, you may need to fil in some spots with extra balloons.
6. Ta-Da! Your arch is complete! 


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