DIY Balloon Centerpiece

For our collaboration Dollie & Me Tea Party with the Westin St. Francis Hotel, we wanted to transport our guests to  a magical and whimsical fairytale. To do so, we utilized different heights to add dimension and drama to the venue.

With 12 tables in the room, we wanted them to be the focal point of the room and grasp our guests’ attention. We initially dreamt of hanging large mylar balloons from each table to make the space feel decorated from top to bottom and to transform the venue. With the fact that helium is quite expensive and wanting to create a more stable display, we created our own balloon centerpieces. Unlike hanging helium balloons, these stands are reusable, stable, and chic.

Here’s what you’ll need:

1 10x10 inch piece of plywood

1 6 ft PVC pipe

1 PVC pipe base

4 screws

Silver Spray Paint

1 Funnel

1 36 inch Mylar Balloon

Lots of Ribbon Ribbon

Super Glue

Clear Museum Putty

  1. Attach the PVC pipe base to the center of the plywood.
  2. Super glue the funnel to the top of the PVC pipe
  3. Spray paint the wooden base and PVC pipe silver
  4. Inflate the mylar balloon, (we used the balloon inflator we talked about here)
  5. Once the PVC pipe and base are dry, attach the 2 pieces together.
  6. Place the Museum Putty around the lip of the funnel
  7. Place the balloon on top of the funnel and press down for 1 minute
  8.  Once attached, decorate the base of the funnel with ribbons and tulle to “hide” the funnel.
  9. Voila! You’re very own balloon centerpiece.

  1. When you’re done using your centerpiece, deflate the balloon using a straw and you can reuse the balloon the next time you use your centerpiece!

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