Host a Valentines Day Dollie & Me Tea!

Growing up, Gabby, Kate & I used to always find a way to celebrate every holiday with our dollies! Whether it be Halloween or Valentines Day, we always hosted a celebration, just the 3 of us and our dollies! Our celebrations were always full of fun decor, holiday themed crafts & our imagination! It’s no wonder we ventured into founding our own event company, kit & sis™. 
Looking to plan the most FABULOUS Valentine's Tea Party? We’ve got you covered!

The Decor:

The Table

-Cover a table with a pink tablecloth, we especially love a pink polka-dot tablecloth! 

-Decorate the table with an arrangement of pink and red flowers or arrange a few vases full of Valentine's candies in the center of the table.

The Place Setting

Place a doily, Tea Cup, plate and silverware at each setting.

Wrap a heart printed napkin (paper works!) with a glittery pink ribbon. Place the wrapped napkin in the center of the dish. 

Make it Fun!

Sprinkle the table with glitter, add mini bubbles, and rock candy sticks to the table! 

The Activity:

Our “party” activities always consisted of crafting! We may not be able to set the table or prepare the food for you, but we got your Valentine’s party activity covered! 

  • Order our Valentine’s Day Craft Kit (It’s the upcoming box of our Subscription) and voila, your Valentines Crafts are covered!

You can order your box here!

  • Better yet, share the fun with friends! Invite your friends & dollies over so you can make your crafts together!

The Menu:

Everything's better when it’s mini! Here’s our go-to Dollie Friendly Menu

  • Mini Heart Shaped Tea Sandwiches
    • PB & J, Turkey & Cheese, + Nutella & Berries
  • Mini cookies 
    • Make by rolling premade cookie dough into small balls and cooking for 7 minutes
  • White Chocolate Dipped Marshmallows 
    • Place a marshmallow on a patterned straw and dip in white chocolate.
    • Next, roll in sprinkles and set aside to cool!
  • Mini Carrot Cups
    • Fill mini cupcake tins withranch dressing and place carrot “chips” inside
  • Tea of course!
    • No party is complete without Tea! Our favorites are Raspberry and Peach!




There you have it! Everything you need for the most FABULOUS Valentines Tea! It’s time to invite your friends & Dollies, order your Valentine's Craft Kit & get ready for some SWEET fun!

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